Bringing deep experience as attorneys, board members, executives, and investors, we are equipped to work with you to handle the wide array of challenges you and your business face.  

Our founding partners have spent their careers in business: as a Certified Public Accountant, a corporate attorney with a large law firm, a partner and in-house counsel of a private equity firm with over $150 million in assets under management, a board member of many high-growth early stage and middle market companies, chief executive officer of a $1 billion community bank, United States Attorney and the only former United States Attorney to have also served as CEO of a Financial Institution. Whatever your business, we are ready to handle a specific matter for you or, better yet, gain a comprehensive understanding of your business so that we can partner with you to confront and conquer any and all issues that you or your business face.

We bring particular expertise in the following areas:


As a former chief executive officer of a $1 billion financial institution, former counsel to several financial institutions, and attorneys who have been involved in numerous and varied banking matters, we bring a unique perspective to bank representation.  We’re equipped to handle a variety of transactional, regulatory, and litigation matters involving banks.

We’ve been a part of leading the strategic growth and acquisition process for a $1 billion asset bank.  If you are ready to sell your bank or grow your bank through a strategic acquisition, merger, or other growth strategy, we can help.

Having handled examinations by federal and state banking regulators as well as prosecuted cases on their behalf, we’re ready to work with you to positively represent your bank as it manages these issues.

Experienced in all aspects of the lending process from the perspective of both borrowers and lenders, we’re prepared to work with you on any aspect of a loan, from documentation and negotiation on the front end to payment disputes, litigation, or collection on the back end.

We also bring unique experience with the Bank Secrecy Act, Anti-Money Laundering laws, and related issues.  As national leaders in this area of intersection between banks, financial transactions, law enforcement, prosecution and regulation, we bring unmatched perspective, experience and relationships to BSA, AML, and related matters.

Conner Eldridge is the only former Chief Executive Officer of a Bank to also have served as a United States Attorney.  Throughout his career, Steve Brooks has represented banks, bank customers, and corporations with a variety of lending and capital needs and structures.  Conner and Steve are ready to work with you on virtually any banking matter that you face.


Challenges and questions abound in the rapidly developing world of blockchain, digital currency, and related technology.  We bring experience in these areas as well as payment systems, regulation of currencies, and offerings of tokens.

Corporate Governance / Boards of Directors

We bring a unique set of experiences and an effective, practical approach to serving as your attorney and partner as you manage matters involving corporate structure, disputes, and governance.  Representing corporations, executives, owners, and shareholders requires not just a familiarity with applicable statutes and best practices.  Exceptional representation in these matters also demands a complete understanding of the organizational and ownership dynamic, the underlying problems and their complexities, and the overarching goals of the business.  It also takes a dedication to helping the company build value.  We will work with you to consider all of these concerns and ensure that your company is running as it should.  We have experience representing and working with companies, boards, board committees and individuals across a variety of industries as well as serving as board members, private equity investors, executives, and shareholders.   Our goal is to help you and your business manage and mitigate risk, deal with issues efficiently and effectively, and maintain focus on building value.  We’ve counseled clients or otherwise handled a wide variety of corporate and business issues and situations. We’re ready to help you and your company navigate these waters.


We’ve been on all sides of debt, credit, and capital situations and issues:  serving as a banker, private equity investor, counsel to borrowers, counsel to companies with complicated capital structures, and a federal prosecutor of bank fraud, securities fraud and other financial crimes.  With this unique perspective, we will help you navigate virtually any issue related to borrowing, lending, or investing.  Whether your situation involves relatively straight-forward loan documents, securities offerings or complex matters of capital structure, we’re ready to help.

Fund Formation and Investments

We have deep expertise in venture capital, private equity, and debt funds, including fund formation, fundraising, compliance, and portfolio transactions.  As a partner at a mid-size, early stage growth-equity firm, Steve Brooks led investments in the areas of e-commerce, retail, software, healthcare, energy infrastructure, and marketing services, among others.  He has worked with co-investors, funds, and co-general partners across the country and has structured funds and fund investments in a wide variety of complex situations.  He is an experienced securities lawyer and understands the complex regulatory framework facing funds and issuances of securities. We intimately understand the early stage private capital marketplace and what it takes to make your fund successful.

General Business

Whether your company is one of the largest in the world, a startup venture, or somewhere in between, we are ready, willing, able and excited to help you confront the legal and business issues of most concern to your business.  What differentiates us is the breadth and depth of our experiences in business.  Having served as counsel to companies of all sizes, counsel to private equity funds and partnerships, CEO of a $1 billion financial institution, investors, entrepreneurs, and as a U.S. Attorney, we bring a unique perspective to the matters that you and your business confront.  We’re ready to go to work for you and with you in handling the legal matters most impacting your business.  We prefer to spend the time necessary to fully understand your business’s goals, its value proposition, and its basic structure, function, and culture.  We’ve found that this complete vantage point allows us to better represent you.  We deeply believe this because we know it is the sort of representation we would demand if roles were reversed.  This relationship-driven approach often begins with a specific corporate, regulatory, or litigation matter that grows into the kind of deep relationship that we value as attorneys and business people ourselves.  We are comfortable helping you and your business work through virtually any legal matter that arises.  Our hope is that we will become your trusted advisor and will work with you to help you and your business fulfill your goals and build value over time.


We’re well versed in healthcare matters stemming from our experience as counsel to doctors, doctor groups, and hospitals and as a banker assisting doctors and healthcare professionals with their lending, deposit, and other financial needs.  We’ve structured, drafted and managed numerous merger or acquisition transactions in the healthcare space.  We’ve also organized numerous corporations, partnerships and entities for healthcare groups and businesses.  We’re ready to help you with almost any legal or business matter in the healthcare industry.

Our attorneys are also equipped to address any regulatory issues that overlap with your business, practice, or potential merger or acquisition.  We’ve handled healthcare regulatory matters from the perspective of counsel to healthcare clients, a federal prosecutor of healthcare fraud, and investors in the healthcare industry.  Whether you are a doctor, hospital executive, investor, or other stakeholder, we’re prepared to help you with nearly any healthcare regulatory issue that you face.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We represent companies of all sizes, executives, family offices, funds, boards of directors, special committees, investors, senior management, shareholders and owners as they consider ways to maximize shareholder value and, ultimately, close transactions that fulfill that basic mission.  We work with our clients at all stages of a potential transaction:  from initial consideration and evaluation of alternatives to letters of intent, due diligence, and definitive agreements and through closing.  We’re experienced with a wide variety of types and structures of transactions, from the simple to the complex.  As with all of our practices, we bring the highest level of ability and experience to our clients while also offering representation that integrates the holistic vantage point derived from our prior roles as attorneys, investors, executives and board members.

Partnership and Entity Formation and Transactions

We have deep experience with entity formation, governance and transactions, including all types of partnerships, limited liability corporations, S-corporations, C-corporations and other entities.  Whether you are starting a new business or addressing structural and entity matters with an existing business and its entities, we are here to help.  As with our approach in all practice areas, we bring our deep experience as attorneys, investors, executives, board members, and partners to representing you in partnership and entity formation and transactions.  Our goal is to understand your objectives so that we can create an entity structure that allows you to achieve success.

Real Estate

Real estate is a unique business that requires deep knowledge of market terms and conditions, an understanding of the process from contract to closing and speed to close. We have represented national real estate development firms and brokers as well as local developers and firms.  We’ve also led efforts to develop, grow, and manage a several hundred million dollar loan portfolio, along with overseeing a substantial secondary marketing department, residential construction lending platform, and in-house residential lending operation.  We have added expertise in student housing, commercial office, multifamily and residential development and the acquisition, financing, structuring, and sale of all real estate projects. We have worked with Fannie and Freddie on specialized financing products and general and limited partners on real estate funds.  We also have experience with large transactions involving agricultural acreage or timberland.  We’re here to help with any real estate needs you or your business may have.

Securities / Private Placements and Offerings

We are ready to help you address federal and state securities laws as you evaluate and address capital concerns for your business.  We represent clients in handling all types of private placements and securities offerings.  We’ve been on many sides of securities transactions as counsel to companies of all sizes, as investors addressing complicated securities matters for funds and companies, as executives and board members developing and executing capital allocation strategies, and as a federal prosecutor of securities fraud and other financial crimes.

We prefer to help you and your business develop or refine your capital plan, look at all legal and practical implications of raising capital from various sources, handle required documents and filings, and address all concerns raised with these capital and securities matters.


We work with our clients to assess and manage the tax aspects of their business.  Any full and fair evaluation of a business decision, from a strategy call on an existing area of the business to a sale, merger or acquisition, should include a comprehensive assessment of the tax consequences.  At Eldridge Brooks, we bring our experience as attorneys, a CPA, investors, and executives to our assessment of the tax implications of various matters for you and your business.

If a matter arises involving civil or criminal enforcement with the Internal Revenue Service, we’re ready to help.  Having worked closely with the IRS to prosecute tax and money laundering cases, we’re prepared to fully assess the validity of the tax issue, present your position to the IRS, and represent you or your business in dealing with them.

If you have been contacted by a federal or state investigative agency, are concerned about exposure to a governmental investigation involving financial, regulatory or white collar crimes or face any stage of a criminal case, we have the perspective and experience to provide the highest level of representation.

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