Led by former United States Attorney Conner Eldridge, we excel at helping clients deal with a governmental inquiry, internal investigation, regulatory matter or other concern. 

If you need an internal investigation to get to the bottom of a serious situation, we will bring the team, resources, and abilities necessary to find answers for you.  If you need help dealing with an investigation by an arm of federal or state government or a highly sensitive corporate matter, you’ve come to the right place.

We know how to conduct the detailed and precise investigation you and your business should demand in serious situations.  We will deliver exceptional counsel in deciding what action to take in a particular situation, considering all applicable policies, statutes, regulations, and concerns.

We are adept at helping you or your business deal with an inquiry from virtually any agency or department of federal or state government.   If federal or state authorities are investigating you or your business, we are well positioned to help you navigate those rough waters.  If you face regulatory scrutiny for an actual or alleged violation, we’re prepared to help you deal with that situation.  If you have had a fraud or other crime impact your business, we will help you manage all aspects of it.  We will thoroughly investigate the issues you are facing, get to the bottom of what happened, and represent you.  We’re prepared for this work across a variety of industries and for companies large and small.

We can address, investigate, manage and work with you to resolve nearly any corporate, internal, regulatory or governmental matter of concern, including:

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
Bank Fraud
Bank Secrecy Act
Bank Investigations
False Claims Act

Financial Fraud
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Healthcare Fraud
Internal Misconduct/Policy Matters
Internal Investigations of All Types

Public Corruption
Securities Matters/SEC Enforcement
Sexual Misconduct Investigations
Tax Matters
Whistleblower actions

When you face an internal matter of utmost importance to your company, we will conduct a thorough investigation to give you the answers you need.  We will also evaluate and address company policies while surveying the regulatory and statutory landscape for any overlapping concerns.  This often does and should result in policy changes that will help to protect your company in the future.  We’ll revise or write those policies.  We’re also very mindful of the need to address these sorts of situations with an appropriate combination of discretion, control, management and sensitivity.

We have deep experience working with U.S. Attorney’s offices in many jurisdictions, the United States Department of Justice, state prosecutors, many law enforcement agencies (including the FBI, IRS, Homeland Security Department, state authorities and many others), and numerous departments of federal and state government. We will put that experience to work to resolve the matter you face.

With one of our founders being the only former United States Attorney to have also served as Chief Executive Officer of a Bank and the other founder having deep experience in finance as well as being a Certified Public Accountant, we bring particular expertise to financial investigations, fraud matters, and issues at the intersection of banking, finance, and criminal and civil enforcement.