We operate in a heavily and increasingly regulated environment.  We’re ready, willing, and able to help you navigate the complex regulatory framework and myriad of government agencies that you may face, across a wide variety of industries. 

Our capabilities extend to most areas of federal and state government.   We bring deep knowledge of government gained from extensive work in all three branches, experience both running regulated businesses and overseeing governmental investigations, and a unique and effective approach that can only be gained with the diverse experience we bring to the table.  If you face a regulatory matter in federal or state government, we can help you assess the regulation, work with you to craft a compliance policy or approach, and, most importantly, represent you in working with the particular governmental agency to resolve the issue.

Bank Regulation

Having handled examinations by federal and state banking regulators as well as prosecuted cases on their behalf, we’re ready to work with you to positively represent your bank as it manages these issues.  If you face serious issues in conjunction with a regulatory examination by the FDIC, OCC, Federal Reserve Bank, State Bank Department, or other regulator, we will represent you and assist you in negotiating a resolution, bringing your bank into compliance and working to satisfy the regulators.  If you are dealing with an actual or alleged violation of a specific regulation or many regulations, we can help get the bottom of that issue and counsel you in dealing with it.

We also bring unique experience with the Bank Secrecy Act, Anti-Money Laundering laws, and related issues.  As national leaders in this area of intersection between banks, financial transactions, law enforcement, prosecution and regulation, we bring unmatched perspective, experience and relationships to BSA, AML, and related matters.

Healthcare Regulation

We’ve handled healthcare regulatory matters from the perspective of counsel to healthcare clients, a federal prosecutor of healthcare fraud, and investors in the healthcare industry.  Whether you are a doctor, hospital executive, investor, or other stakeholder, we’re prepared to help you with nearly the healthcare regulatory issues that you face.