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Disputes and lawsuits are often a part of doing business and must be handled. At Eldridge Brooks Partners, our litigation attorneys in Northwest Arkansas are with you from the initial phases of a company or individual conflict, claim, or dispute to trial. We serve individuals and businesses across Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida.

Whether you are in the early stages of a business conflict, are evaluating a lawsuit, or have been sued, we are here to help you at every step of the litigation process. At heart, litigation is about problem-solving: one way or the other. We stand ready to use all available tactics and strategies to help you resolve the disputes you or your business face.

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We bring broad-based legal awareness, business knowledge, a financial perspective, and extensive litigation experience to every case we handle. A lot is at stake in a lawsuit – whether you are filing suit or being sued. If we take your case, our lawsuit lawyers view it as our mission to understand your goals and objectives. We want to help you achieve the best possible outcome. 

Managing your hard-earned reputation is always a priority. When it’s time to fight for your position, we fight harder than anyone. We aim to strike the right balance between standing your ground and making prudent cost-benefit decisions. Our expertise in litigating across various industries and businesses allows us to serve as the counsel you need to solve any conflict or litigation problem you face successfully.

We focus on litigation in our home of Arkansas and routinely appear before federal and state courts across the state. We also represent clients in litigation in Oklahoma, Missouri, Florida, and Texas, and our litigators are prepared to represent you in those states.

We represent Plaintiffs and Defendants, whether complex, large businesses or individuals. We know the courtroom well. We also have handled numerous mediations and arbitrations. When we take a case, we work to fully understand the issues, litigate them through trial, if necessary, and push to a successful resolution for you.

While we handle virtually all types of litigation, we have developed particular depth in:

Our litigators are experienced in nearly all areas of civil litigation, representing Plaintiffs and Defendants, businesses and individuals.

Business claims often involve complex, nuanced issues. Our experienced litigation attorneys have handled numerous business, corporate, and commercial disputes and lawsuits. We’re ready to put that experience to work for companies large and small. 

Our experience spans a wide variety of industries and business types. We stand ready to help you and your company solve the dispute or litigation matters and problems you face.

Contract matters and disputes are part of running a business. When another company or individual fails to perform on a contract or someone accuses your business of not performing, our litigation attorneys are here for you. We’ve likely seen similar contract claims and issues and have navigated such waters before. 

Contract disputes often involve holding another party accountable through pre-litigation communications. Our breach of contract attorneys effectively engage in these discussions in a way that is in the client’s best interests. We file suit clearly and effectively when the time comes.

It is also common for clients to involve our litigation team in working through contract drafting and negotiation, putting them in the best position should litigation arise. Our team is experienced with virtually all aspects of most business contract disputes, and we’re ready to represent you to the fullest extent.

We represent numerous businesses and individuals with various employment and labor matters, including:

  • Employment contracts,
  • non-competes and non-solicitations,
  • trade secret allegations,
  • payroll matters,
  • and many other litigation or pre-litigation matters involving employment issues.

Our litigation attorneys in Northwest Arkansas are experienced in working with insurance companies in various ways, ranging from an insurance company engaging our firm to representing an insured business or individual facing a claim to assisting a business in other matters involving insurance companies.

We know the insurance world and how it intersects with business and litigation. We are ready to put this experience to work for you on insurance matters.

Our firm handles various tort claims, including product liability claims, and puts our extensive litigation experience to work on these matters.

We handle litigation involving wills, trusts, estates, and other related matters. These issues often overlap with significant business interests. 

Our litigation law firm brings perspective and experience, including on tax questions, to this area of the law. We apply this experience to litigation if a lawsuit arises in the will, trust, or estate context.

The litigation attorneys in Northwest Arkansas at Eldridge Brooks have successfully handled appeals before the Arkansas Court of Appeals, Arkansas Supreme Court, and 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. Whether arising from litigation at the trial court level or separately, we’re prepared to put our experience to work in handling appellate issues for clients.

At Eldridge Brooks, we represent individuals and businesses on all sides of injury and accident claims. As part of our general practice, we help clients facing injury and accident situations.

These situations can occur in a car/automobile or a commercial/work context. Our experience in these cases allows us to offer representation and legal advice ranging from common sense guidance to full-fledged trial counsel.

The litigation team at Eldridge Brooks has handled several Constitutional claims, ranging from section 1983 civil rights cases (including excessive force cases and others involving improper actions by government officials or police) to challenges to Arkansas state statutes for violating the United States Constitution. Our team’s extensive government experience prepares us to analyze and handle various constitutional matters.

Northwest Arkansas has a unique and large vendor and CPG community. A high volume of goods are sold and handled, in some way, in Northwest Arkansas. 

Contracts, disputes, and litigation often arise in this setting. We represent a variety of businesses and vendors engaged in selling a diverse array of goods to large retailers and others.

Our business litigation law firm’s counsel ranges from business advice during the commencement of a sales relationship to counsel throughout an ongoing sales effort. When pre-litigation conflict resolution or actual litigation in this industry occurs, we bring our breadth of experience to work aggressively and fully advocating for our clients, including taking cases to trial.

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Taking swift action is critical in litigation matters. You need an attorney who understands how the court system and the process operates and can craft a legal strategy toward a favorable outcome.

If you or your company face legal challenges, don’t hesitate to contact our litigation attorneys today. Our litigation team is here to help. As leading attorneys in Northwest Arkansas, we serve individuals and businesses throughout Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida in litigation matters.

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