Eldridge Brooks team assists company in the food supply chain with a COVID-19 preparedness plan

Recently, the Eldridge Brooks team assisted a company in the food supply chain with a COVID-19 preparedness plan. This plan will ensure that the company and its supply chain partners will continue functioning and providing their products to retailers and the public to the greatest extent possible while minimizing risk to all parties.  While we live in a new world of risk, we are prepared to help you assess those risks and put a plan in place to deal with worst case scenarios.  It was our privilege to work with this important company to do just that.  We also see opportunities to properly position for the inevitable explosive growth that will take place once this global crisis as receded.

We’re ready to put our time, energy, and talents to work for you and your business.  In this time, we’re all in this together.  In that spirit, we want to approach these unique legal, business, and financial threats with you as your partner.

As we consider essential services and businesses in this new world in which we find ourselves, it is clear that the health care and food industries are critical, while other industries are extremely important to our global ecosystem.  We are proud to work with several companies providing necessary services, from health care to food delivery.  If you are in these industries or others that are necessary for our daily lives, we will take special care to work with you to ensure that you properly mitigate the risks in this environment and ensure your continued operation for the benefit of all.  If you are in a business that faces increased financial risks at this time, we’re ready to put our business and finance experience to work for you, help you evaluate the government programs being rolled out, look at financial alternatives, and create a legal and financial framework that preserves your business.  Whatever your business, we promise we will saddle up and work with you as your partner in this unprecedented time.

As you evaluate what the novel coronavirus pandemic means for your business, we invite you to turn to us as your partner.  We are prepared to dig into the details of your business, apply the latest legal and health guidance, ensure compliance with the law, and help you function in this ever-changing world.

We are ready to help. Let us know how we can partner with you:


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